Yasmary, First and foremost thanks for your reply I appreciated it greatly. I also value your feedback and your perspective.

Let me clarify first, I’m not against a CoC nor I attempt to dismiss the fact that harassment, racism and all kinds of discrimination are a real problem that our society and OSS communities have to address.

I wrote this post and I decided to speak out because I care and I want to see true equality, fairness and openness achieved.

There are two important things that need to upheld in order for that to happen:

First dialog should always be open, civil and honest.

Second whatever standards and values we decide as a community have to be applied to everyone.

My concerns so far have been with the version of the contributors covenant proposed. I’m happy to say there is a newer version of the php one and the contributors covenant that looks a lot better and that I would be happy adopt that one.

Senior Engineering Lead @Humi, Regularly writing about software engineering and technology

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