Here is my problem with the article, you start with the premise that software developers are these grandiose assholes that have a sense of self-importance and as such, they need to use terms like “mission critical.”

Terms like mission critical, business continuity, etc. mean different things for different organizations; is a bit egotistic to try to dictate how other people communicate and what terminology they use.

Now, you seem to think that developers only use this terms because it gives them some sort of rush or because it feeds their sense of self-importance; on top that saying that software is trivial and not that important is something that I find hard to understand.

You might not see software development as a profession, but a lot of us do, and as such we have an obligation to be professional and care about what we do.

Yes, most software won’t kill people or strand the lunar module in orbit but is asinine to think that there are no consequences, specialize in an age where software is so embedded in every industry, and with many companies being dependent on those systems.

Finally, if your main message to people on the same profession that you claim to be part of is #ShutTheFuckUp maybe you need to sitdown and rethink your own career choices.

Senior Engineering Lead @Humi, Regularly writing about software engineering and technology