Celebrating the past, Sprinting into the future

After almost 8 years, today is my last day at Demac Media.

Demac Media’s has an amazing team of dedicated and talented people. I’ve learned so much during, as well realized that I have much to learn. I feel extremely fortunate and thankful to have been part of it and I take with me invaluable experiences, and more importantly many great friendships.

Over my tenure at Demac I had the opportunity to experience many changes and in different roles, going from a freelancer on a retainer to part of the executive team as Director of Engineering.

I experienced the company going through several growth spurts as well the challenges that come with the team doubling in a short amount of time.

But now is time for new adventures, time to refocus on the things that matter, time to dust-off old abandoned side-projects, and time to start new ones.

If you get your ego in your way, you will only look to other people and circumstances to blame.

— Jocko Willink

Senior Engineering Lead @Humi, Regularly writing about software engineering and technology

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