I appreciate all your great comments so far, let me clarify that at no point I’m trying to be dismissive about people’s concerns about discrimination and harassment; it is a real problem that affects a fairly large sector.

At no point I have advocated for not implementing a CoC, however my disagreement does come from the current implementation and language of the Contributors Covenant. I have done my best to try to make the conversation a productive one by providing corrections to the things I see was vague or open to abuse.

I also wrote this point fully expecting to have general disagreement and the very real possibility of lash back. By no means these are easy topics to discuss; but since I feel so strongly about the subject I couldn’t avoid speaking out.

If I had to put it in one sentence, I want this community to thrive, grow and uphold the ideals of respect and equality because it is the right thing and not because the ever present fear of punishment.

Thank you again, for your well thought comments and excellent feedback.

Senior Engineering Lead @Humi, Regularly writing about software engineering and technology

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