2017: Simplifying and Regaining Focus

Another year done and over, and as is tradition there needs to be a new year-end blog post, clarifying how I’m going to start doing everything right on 2017 and be a 10x human being, yes 2017 is the year to optimize, simplify, achieve all our goals and wildest dreams …. except all those blogpost are frankly bullshit.

Personally, 2016 was a rough year full of stress, problems and an overall feeling of dissatisfaction; I got close to fully burning out more than a few times.

Now, not all was negative or doom and gloom plenty of good things happened on 2016; looking at the big picture 2016 doesn’t feel like a loss but it doesn’t feel like a win either.

For many a change in the calendar represents an opportunity to change, simplify and fix what they perceive wrong with their jobs, relationship and overall in their lives.

However one doesn’t need to wait for a random calendar date in order to make meaningful change, change can start at any moment.

Finally, 2017 for me is the year to slowdown and simplify; the biggest mistake that I made on 2016 was trying to do way to much and as result I ended up spread too thin, so I’m slowly working only a few things at the time before moving to the next project.

To all of you, make 2017 about what matters to you; slowdown and focus and really work on the things you consider important, chase your passion and above all take care of yourself.

This article was originally posted on my own site.

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